Fabrication of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds via Multi-Jet and Component Alternate Electrospinning


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In this article, electrospinning of poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) /egg white blend and that of poly (carbon dioxide-co-propylene oxide) were studied. Blend fibrous mats containing poly (carbon dioxide-co-propylene oxide) and PEO/egg white blend were obtained through multi-jet and component alternate eletrospinning, respectively. Component alternate electrospinning exhibits higher efficiency and produces better blended products than multi-jet electrospinning does because the inter-influence between different jets during multi-jet electrospinning greatly affects electrospinning process while component alternate electrospinning avoids such kind of influence.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 288-289)

Edited by:

Xingdong Zhang, Junzo Tanaka, Yaoting Yu and Yasuhiko Tabata




L. Zhang et al., "Fabrication of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds via Multi-Jet and Component Alternate Electrospinning", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 288-289, pp. 67-70, 2005

Online since:

June 2005




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