Fractography of Advanced Ceramics II

Volume 290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: George D. Quinn, Lewis K. Ives, S. Jahanmir

Abstract: Grinding may create flaws that control strength and limit the performance of finished ceramics. Machining cracks sometimes have been...

Authors: Roger Morrell

Abstract: The process of edge flaking of brittle materials is a significant limitation in design, handling and use of components. Simple quasistatic...

Authors: Hatsuhiko Usami, Tomoya Kadomae, Daisuke Igimi, Mineo Mizuno

Abstract: The present study describes the effect of indenter materials on Hertzian cracking behavior of alumina ceramics in sphere indentation....

Authors: V. Le Houérou, J.-C. Sanglebœuf, Tanguy Rouxel

Abstract: Grinding and polishing are widely used for glass machining with fine finished surfaces. These processes result from abrasion due to...

Authors: Zdenĕk Jonšta, Jana Horváthová, Kateřina Blažková, Karel Mazanec

Abstract: The work is devoted to the evaluation of indentation fracture toughness in ceramic materials and to the comparison of these data with the...

Authors: Peter Supancic, Z. Wang, Walter Harrer, K. Reichmann, Robert Danzer

Abstract: Modern low-voltage piezoelectric actuators consist of a stack of piezoceramic layers (PZT) with metallic electrodes in between. Due to the...

Authors: A. Platzer, Peter Supancic, C. Lembacher, U. Theiszl, Robert Danzer

Abstract: PTCs are electrical resistors (thermistors) with a positive temperature coefficient. They change their resistivity up to seven orders of...

Authors: George D. Quinn, William N. Sharpe, Glenn M. Beheim, Noel N. Nemeth, Osama Jadaan

Abstract: Direct tension strength tests were conducted on chemical vapor deposited silicon carbide microspecimens. Three types of specimens were used:...

Authors: Junichi Tatami, Tomoko Ohbuchi, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro

Abstract: Observation of fracture surfaces in ceramics is useful for improving their mechanical properties. In this study, fracture surfaces of...

Authors: Jakob Kübler, R. Baechtold, Gurdial Blugan, K. Lemster, S. Fuso

Abstract: Modern waste burners are equipped with catalysts to reduce NOX. During operation the catalysts and their performance are influenced by, for...


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