Contact Fatigue in Ceramic Laminated Composites


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In this work, the study of the contact fatigue of an alumina-based laminated composite with compressive residual stress in the surface is presented, together with monolithic alumina as a reference material. Hertzian indentation techniques were employed, which better represent the inservice actual contact loading. Different tests were performed under static and cyclic loading. The evolution of damage and the different types of fracture produced were examined, and an improvement in contact resistance of the composite, due to compressive residual stress, was highlighted. A better resistance of the laminated composite was observed for every test in comparison with the monolithic reference material.



Edited by:

J. Dusza, R. Danzer and R. Morrell




L. Ceseracciu et al., "Contact Fatigue in Ceramic Laminated Composites", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 290, pp. 222-229, 2005

Online since:

July 2005




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