Fracture Toughness of Ceramic Materials and Its Relationship to Chipping Formation


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The work is devoted to the evaluation of indentation fracture toughness in ceramic materials and to the comparison of these data with the results of this characterisation obtained by the application of fracture mechanics method (chevron notched beam specimen – CVNB). The indentation fracture toughness measurement is realized using the indentation load lying in the loading extent between 50-300 N. The evaluation of basic parameters of lateral crack initiation resulting in chipping formation in the vicinity of indent is performed. This measuring is based on the finding of relationship between the indent load level and the number of loading cycles leading to chips formation. The geometry of lateral cracks and chipping morphology are described. This evaluation is complemented with the analysis of chip fracture surfaces.



Edited by:

J. Dusza, R. Danzer and R. Morrell




Z. Jonšta et al., "Fracture Toughness of Ceramic Materials and Its Relationship to Chipping Formation", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 290, pp. 39-45, 2005

Online since:

July 2005




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