Fractography of Advanced Ceramics II

Volume 290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J.K. Babcsán, Maria Berkes Maros, N. Wanderka, D. Klaffke, Helmut Schubert

Abstract: Si3N4 based ceramics that made by hot isostatic press, were implanted at room temperature with N+ - and C+ - ions with energy of 500 keV...

Authors: Csaba Balázsi, Filiz Çinar Şahin, O. Addemir, Zsolt Kasztovszky, Zsuzsanna Kövér, Ferenc Wéber

Abstract: Silicon nitride based composites have been fabricated by carbon addition. Carbon black nanograins and graphite micrograins were used as...

Authors: Csaba Balázsi, E. Dolekcekic, Zsuzsanna Kövér, Ferenc Wéber, Stuart Hampshire, Péter Arató

Abstract: In this work partially and fully densified silicon nitride based composites have been prepared using carbon black and graphite additions....

Authors: Jaroslav Sedláček, Dušan Galusek, Pavol Šajgalík

Abstract: The microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of alumina doped with rare earth oxide and rare earth-aluminosilicate glass has been...

Authors: David Salamon, Pavol Šajgalík, M. Liška

Abstract: The main object of the presented work is the development of new ceramic cutting tools on the base of a-Sialon with other complementary...

Authors: Z.S. Rak

Abstract: The improvement of the mechanical strength of a porous anode support (NiO/8YSZ) induced by the addition of 5 to 10v% of alumina platelets to...

Authors: Zdeněk Chlup, Ivo Dlouhý, Aldo Roberto Boccaccini, D.N. Boccaccini, Cristina Leonelli, M. Romagnoli

Abstract: The design of composite materials leads to the development of multi-component systems where each constituent has a specific function in the...

Authors: Peter Zimovčák, Tibor Köves, Ján Dusza, Francis Chalvet, Goffredo de Portu

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to present an analytical model of thermal stresses in a laminar system, and consequently to verify the model...

Authors: H. Rennhofer, Dieter Loidl, Johann Brandstetter, Karl Kromp, Roland Weiss, Herwig Peterlik

Abstract: Creep tests have been performed for carbon fibre bundles (Toray, HTA5131) in a temperature range from 1500 °C to 1800 °C and at various...

Authors: Miroslav Balog, Pavol Šajgalík, Zoltán Lenčéš, Miroslav Hnatko, Jozef Kečkéš, Jow Lay Huang, J. Janega, R. Horváthová

Abstract: The present paper deals with the nano-indentation of SiC-micro and Si3N4/SiCmicro/ nano ceramic materials. The investigated SiC-micro and...


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