Fractography of Advanced Ceramics II

Volume 290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Miriam Kupková, Martin Kupka, Emőke Rudnayová, Ján Dusza

Abstract: Irregular evolution of friction coefficient, recorded during the ball-on-disc test on Si3N4 based ceramic materials, was analysed by means...

Authors: José M. López-Cepero, J.J. Quispe Cancapa, António Ramirez de Arellano-López, Julian Martínez-Fernández

Abstract: Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) is a microscopic technique which allows for height discrimination. The ability to gather 3D data,...

Authors: Marco Actis Grande, Roxana M. Piticescu, C. Bogdanescu, Daniele Ugues, Mario Rosso

Abstract: Metal/ceramic composite materials were produced with core/shell structure by traditional pressing and the influence of the compacting...

Authors: M. Henžel, Peter Zimovčák, Ján Dusza, András Juhász, Janos Lendvai

Abstract: Indentation methods have been used for the study of the hardness and deformation characteristics MoSi2. Micro-nanoindentation tests at...

Authors: Monika Kašiarová, Ján Dusza, Miroslav Hnatko, Pavol Šajgalík

Abstract: Four-point bending strength and Weibull distribution of the strength values of a carbon derived Si3N4-SiC nanocomposite have been...

Authors: František Lofaj, Františka Dorčáková

Abstract: Thermal shock resistance of the RE-Si-Mg-O-N glasses (RE = La, Nd, Yb, Lu) with 0 and 20 eq.% of nitrogen was investigated by the...

Authors: Monika Kašiarová, Tanguy Rouxel, J.-C. Sanglebœuf, V. Le Houérou

Abstract: Biaxial testing was used to get insight into the incidence of the surface flaw properties (size, shape) on the strength of float glass...

Authors: Maria Berkes Maros, Nikoletta Kaulics Helmeczi, B.Gy. Lenkey, Péter Arató

Abstract: The current paper give a brief overview over the principle and information content of the instrumented impact test completed by...

Authors: Dušan Galusek, Frank L. Riley, Marek Liška

Abstract: The Hertzian indentation technique has been evaluated as a possible means of assessing the surface fracture behaviour of a set of...

Authors: J. Křest'an, Pavol Šajgalík, Zdenĕk Pánek, David Salamon

Abstract: Bulk ceramic materials on the base of β-sialon were prepared from hydrosilicates. Except of some mechanical properties (HV, KIC) also the...


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