Application of Nanometer-Scale Processing Technique in High-Density Recording


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To realize ultrahigh density recording in high precision using polycarbonate as a recording media, the nanometer-scale mechanical processing properties of polycarbonate and fluorocarbon plasma-treated polycarbonate were investigated using atomic force microscopy (AFM). The surface free energy of the polycarbonate specimen can be reduced by fluorocarbon plasma-treatment, resulting in processing force being reduced. Thus, nanometer-scale precise processing of polycarbonate can be realized. Lines and spaces with intervals minimized to 60 nm were performed on the fluorocarbon plasma-treated polycarbonate. Viscoelastic properties of the fluorinated polycarbonate were evaluated using AFM in force modulation mode. Fluorocarbon plasma treatment can reduce friction force of a polycarbonate sample and improve its wear resistance. Therefore, the friction durability corresponding to the reliability of data reproduction was markedly improved.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 291-292)

Edited by:

Yury M. Baron, Jun'ichi Tamaki and Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa




M. Wang and S. Miyake, "Application of Nanometer-Scale Processing Technique in High-Density Recording", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 291-292, pp. 407-412, 2005

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August 2005





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