An Automatic Sorting System Based on Pneumatic Measurement


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For reducing the machining difficulty and increasing the conjunction precision, an automatic sorting system is presented. The system combines the backpressure pneumatic measurement with a pneumatic-electric transfer technology. A semiconductor pressure sensor is used for the pneumatic-electric transfer. The air chamber pressure is converted to an electrical signal. The merits of the semiconductor pressure sensor include high conversion precision, high frequency response, and small volume. But it has a relatively big temperature drift if no compensation is provided. The sensor can compensate temperature drift. But the null shift and sensitivity shift still exist. Reducing supply voltage using an electric bridge or reducing supply current using a constant current source can reduce the shift. The null shift and sensitivity shift can be further reduced by auto-compensation using a calibrated gauge. The automatic sorting system can automatically sort injector valves and orifices quickly with a resolution of 0.2µm. The sorting accuracy is 0.5µm and the speed is approximately thirty pieces per minute. The system has the function of auto-control and error auto-compensation and has a high measuring efficiency and high precision.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 295-296)

Edited by:

Yongsheng Gao, Shuetfung Tse and Wei Gao






Y.H. Wang et al., "An Automatic Sorting System Based on Pneumatic Measurement", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 295-296, pp. 563-568, 2005

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October 2005




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