Electro-Active Papers for Remotely-Driven Smart Actuators


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This paper introduces the concept of remotely-driven smart actuator utilized by electro-active paper (EAPap). The feature of remotely-driven smart actuator offers unique performance and application capabilities and exploit many of these unique capabilities. Since the microwave-driven actuator does not require carry-on-battery, ultra-lightweight, and distributed micro size actuators can be made. A dipole rectifying antenna (rectenna) array receives the microwave and converts it into a DC power. Recently, cellulose based paper has been came across as an lectroactive paper (EAPap) material so as to be used as artificial muscles for biomimetic insects. Since the power requirement of EAPap is less than the safety limit of microwave power in air, the EAPap actuators can be driven by wireless microwave power. This idea is useful for specific applications that require multifunctional capabilities such as smart skin, ultra-lightweight space structures, micro robots, flapping wing for insect-like flying objects and smart wall paper as well. Current research status along with its issues is addressed including a hybrid actuator of EAPap and conducting polymers that will enhance the performance of the actuator.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 297-300)

Edited by:

Young-Jin Kim, Dong-Ho Bae and Yun-Jae Kim






J. H. Kim et al., "Electro-Active Papers for Remotely-Driven Smart Actuators ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 297-300, pp. 1534-1538, 2005

Online since:

November 2005




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