Diffusion Bonding of Al 6061 Alloys Using an Eutectic Reaction of Al-Ag-Cu


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In this study, a diffusion bonding of aluminium alloy A6061 was preformed using an Ag-28Cu filler metal in order to conduct eutectic brazing. Melting mechanism was surveyed. Interface behaviors of the brazed joints were observed after brazing and T6 solution treatment. Also, tensile property of the brazed joints was examined. During diffusion bonding of Al6061 alloys with Ag-28Cu filler metal, eutectic melts were formed by eutectic reaction between Al6061 and Ag-28Cu filler metal. It was found that the reaction layer consist of two phases formed at the interface between AA6061 and Ag-28Cu filler metal. EPMA analysis revealed that two phases in the reaction layers consist of Ag-rich phase and Cu-rich phase. Tensile strength was 300 MPa after ageing treatment at 175°C.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 297-300)

Edited by:

Young-Jin Kim, Dong-Ho Bae and Yun-Jae Kim




Y. S. Lee et al., "Diffusion Bonding of Al 6061 Alloys Using an Eutectic Reaction of Al-Ag-Cu", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 297-300, pp. 2772-2777, 2005

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November 2005




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