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Authors: Zhi Feng Zhang, Hong Ding, Jun Wang, Zhan Min Zhang
Authors: Nai Qian Feng, Jian Hua Yan, Gai Fei Peng
Authors: Piet Stroeven, J. Hu, Martijn Stroeven
Abstract:The computer simulation study of Portland cement blending confirmed the major mechanism to be size segregation in the Interfacial Transition...
Authors: Feng Xing, Xiang Yong Guo, Fa Guang Leng, Ren Yu Zhang
Abstract:In this paper, the main characteristic of definition, property, requirement of raw material, mix proportion design and performance...
Authors: Dario Rosignoli, Giovanni Martinola, Martin Bäuml
Abstract:Reinforced concrete structures are often conceived for a certain time span of serviceability. Due to the superposition of different kinds of...
Authors: Rokuro Tomita, Hiroshi Hirao, Takashi Tochigi, Takamiki Tamashige
Abstract:In Japan, a majority of urban waste is incinerated to reduce the volume and the residue (incineration ash) is land filled. Japanese...
Authors: Quan Lin Niu, Nai Qian Feng
Abstract:Effect of a combination of alkali ions, sulfate ion and chloride ion on durability of concrete structures was analyzed, and the effect of...
Authors: Quan Lin Niu, Nai Qian Feng
Abstract:ASTM C1012 and GB2420 method were employed to evaluate the inhibiting effect of different mineral admixtures on sulfate attack of cement...
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