On the Damage Evolution of 3-D Hydrous Cracks through CT Tests


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By using the real-time CT (computerized tomography) unit with specially developed water-injection loading apparatus, several failure tests of single-crack concrete specimens with interstitial water pressures under triaxial compression were conducted. The complete failure process: the closure, the initiation of new damage area, the secondary closure, as well as the crack propagation of the specimens were simulated. The CT images at each stage, the CT numbers and the comparison among different sections in the specimens were obtained. Based on the observed results, the role of compressive pressure in damage and propagation of hydrous crack can be intuitively revealed, and the characteristics of damage-evolution of cracks in brittle material can be better understood at meso-level.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 306-308)

Edited by:

Ichsan Setya Putra and Djoko Suharto




S. C. Li et al., "On the Damage Evolution of 3-D Hydrous Cracks through CT Tests", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 306-308, pp. 13-18, 2006

Online since:

March 2006




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