Bioceramics 18

Volumes 309-311

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S. Bertazzo, Celso A. Bertran

Abstract: In this work, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) has been used to determine the size and morphology of bone mineral crystals obtained from...

Authors: S. Bertazzo, Celso A. Bertran

Abstract: In this work, some modifications that occur in crystallites that compose the mineral phase of bone throughout the lives of animals were...

Authors: S. Bertazzo, Celso A. Bertran, J.A. Camilli

Abstract: Some microscopy studies on the mineral phase of bone have been carried out either utilizing Optical or Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM),...

Authors: Kanthi Lewis, U. Boonyang, L. Evans, S. Siripaisarnpipat, Besim Ben-Nissan

Abstract: This study aims to characterize the structure and properties of crocodile bone to assess the potential for use in biomedical applications....

Authors: Taketoshi Suwa, Toshiro Sakae, Hiroshi Nakada, Racquel Z. LeGeros, Kihei Kobayashi

Abstract: Our studies previously demonstrated that new bone formed around implants can be classified into 3 or 4 types based on tissue structure and...

Authors: It Meng Low, N. Duraman, Ian J. Davies

Abstract: Structure-property relationships in baby and adult teeth have been characterised using grazing-incidence synchrotron radiation diffraction...

Authors: Faik N. Oktar, H. Sayrak, S. Ozsoy, Nurettin Heybeli

Abstract: Different types of bone-graft substitutes have been developed and are in the market worldwide to eliminate the drawbacks of autogenous...

Authors: Hiroshi Nakada, Toshiro Sakae, Taketoshi Suwa, Racquel Z. LeGeros, Atsuko Gunji, Takao Kato, Kihei Kobayashi

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the potential of the LEBRA-PXR imaging in investigating the details of newly formed bone around...

Authors: H.J. Kang, M.J. Cho, J.H. Lim, D.K. Kwon, J.M. Lee, Hong In Shin

Abstract: Osteogenic repair is highly dependant upon the substrate carrier or matrix. As a part of the effort to develop a suitable scaffold...

Authors: Sang Hoon Rhee, Ho Nam Park, Yang Jo Seol, Chong Pyong Chung, Sang Hyuk Han

Abstract: Effect of heat-treatment temperature on the osteoconductivity of the apatite derived from bovine trabecular bone was investigated. Three...


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