Fracture of Materials: Moving Forwards

Volume 312

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ho Sung Kim, Nam Ho Kim

Abstract: Toughening of thermosets by creation of residual compressive stresses around microspheres is studied. Expandable hollow micro-spheres...

Authors: T. Schüller, B. Lauke

Abstract: An advanced finite-element model for the complete failure process of a double notched specimen with crack tip blunting caused by yielding...

Authors: It Meng Low, Z.Y. Che, Bruno A. Latella, K.S. Sim

Abstract: The microstructure, mechanical, impact and fracture properties of Australian bamboo have been investigated. The graded composition and...

Authors: Xiao Hong Chen, Su Su Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a thermodynamic approach is presented to model coupled fluid transport, heat transfer, long-term deformation and damage in...

Authors: Wan Lin Guo, Chongmin She, Jun Hua Zhao, Bin Zhang

Abstract: The historical developments of the fracture mechanics from planar theory to threedimensional (3D) theory are reviewed. The two-dimensional...

Authors: Ning Ning Du, Shou Wen Yu

Abstract: It is still an open problem how the thermal effect influences the fracture behavior of piezoelectric materials especially under cycling...

Authors: Bao Lin Wang, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: This paper solves the penny-shaped crack configuration in transversely isotropic solids with coupled magneto-electro-elastic properties. The...

Authors: Jie Cai Han, Bao Lin Wang

Abstract: A periodic array of cracks in a functionally graded material under transient mechanical loading is investigated. Anti-plane shear loading...

Authors: Xi Zhang, Rob Jeffrey

Abstract: Two-dimensional crack problems in a three-layered material are analysed numerically under the conditions of plane strain. An image method...

Authors: Cheng Yan, W. Ma, V. Burg, Yiu Wing Mai, M.G.D. Geers

Abstract: The deformation and failure behavior of an AM60 magnesium alloy was investigated using tensile test on circumferentially notched specimens...


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