Stiff and Tough Conductive Composites Using Carbon Black-Filled Polyethylene


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Stiff and tough conductive composites were manufactured using carbon black compounded with high and low density polyethylene, as well as linear low density polyethylene. A low percolation threshold value for the composites was achieved at 2 wt% carbon black. The impact strengths of the composites incorporating low density and linear low density polyethylene were found to be almost 16 and 26 times greater, respectively, than that of high density polyethylene composites. On the other hand, the modulus of high density polyethylene filled with carbon black was 2 times as high as low and linear low density polyethylene-based composites. Tensile modulus increased with the content of carbon black, however the impact strength of the composites decreased.



Edited by:

Hong-Yuan Liu, Xiaozhi Hu and Mark Hoffman




Q. Yuan et al., "Stiff and Tough Conductive Composites Using Carbon Black-Filled Polyethylene", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 312, pp. 139-142, 2006

Online since:

June 2006




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