Fracture of Materials: Moving Forwards

Volume 312

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Yi Yan, Hong Yuan Liu

Abstract: Z-pinning is a newly developed technique to enhance the strength of composite laminates in the thickness direction. Recent experimental and...

Authors: Lay Poh Tan, Chee Yoon Yue, K.C. Tam, Yee Cheong Lam, X. Hu

Abstract: The effects of compatibilization and mould geometry on the fibrillation of liquid crystalline polymer were investigated in this study. The...

Authors: Qiang Yuan, Stuart Bateman, Dong Yang Wu

Abstract: Stiff and tough conductive composites were manufactured using carbon black compounded with high and low density polyethylene, as well as...

Authors: Shi Qiang Deng

Abstract: This paper presents an effort for simulating time-dependant deformation behaviour of polymer matrix composites analytically and...

Authors: Ying Dai, Xing Ji, Lin Ye, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: Since stress singularity was found at the interface end in current specimen of pullout test, interface shear strength (IFSS) obtained from...

Authors: Ying Dai, Xing Ji, Lin Ye, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: The single fiber fragmentation test has been continuously used to determine the interfacial shear strength. However, the results of the...

Authors: H.L. Duan, Xin Yi, Zhu Ping Huang, J. Wang

Abstract: The Eshelby equivalent inclusion method is generalized to calculate the stress fields related to spherical inhomogeneities with two...

Authors: Yan Li, Yiu Wing Mai, Lin Ye

Abstract: In this paper, double cantilever beam (DCB) and end notch flexural (ENF) tests were performed to study mode I and mode II interlaminar...

Authors: Sharon Kao-Walter, Per Ståhle, Shao Hua Chen

Abstract: The crack tip driving force of a crack growing from a pre-crack that is perpendicular to and terminating at an interface between two...

Authors: Jang Kyo Kim, Naveed A. Siddiqui, Ricky S.C. Woo, Christopher K.Y. Leung, Arshad Munir

Abstract: The fracture resistance and mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRPs) containing organoclay-filled epoxy resin are...


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