Fracture of Materials: Moving Forwards

Volume 312

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.P. Bao, Sie Chin Tjong

Abstract: High density polyethylene (HDPE)/organoclay nanocomposites toughened with maleated styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene elastomer (SEBS-g-MA)...

Authors: Ryszard Pyrz

Abstract: A new atomic strain concept is formulated that allows calculation of continuum quantities directly within a discrete atomic (molecular)...

Authors: Saeed Saber-Samandari, Akbar Afaghi Khatibi

Abstract: The elastic modulus of interphase in polymer based nanocomposites is investigated. A new three-dimensional unit cell model has been...

Authors: V. Pettarin, Victor Jayme Roget Rodriguez Pita, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz, S. Moschiar, L. Fasce, R. Seltzer, Marcos Lopes Dias, P. Frontini

Abstract: In this paper, we report the preparation of polyethylene composites with organically modified montmorillonite. Three different...

Authors: Shao Yun Fu, Qin-Yan Pan, Chuan Jun Huang, Guo Yang, Xin-Hou Liu, Lin Ye, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: Epoxy blend matrices were prepared by incorporating polyurethane-epoxy into diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-F (DGEBF) type epoxy while...

Authors: Kausala Mylvaganam, Liang Chi Zhang

Abstract: This paper discusses the methods of promoting covalent bonds between polymer and carbon nanotubes to make high performance composites. Such...

Authors: Xing Ping Zhou, Xiao Lin Xie, Fandi Zeng, Robert Kwok Yiu Li, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: Isotactic polypropylene (PP)/carbon nanotube (CNT) composites compatibilized by maleic anhydride grafted styrene-ethylene/butylenes-styrene...

Authors: Klaus Friedrich, Min Zhi Rong, Ming Qiu Zhang, Wen Hong Ruan

Abstract: Nano-sized silica particles were pre-grafted with poly(glycidyl methacrylate) (PGMA) by solution free-radical polymerization. When these...

Authors: Ke Wang, Pascal Ogier, Chauhari Wuiwui Tjiu, Chaobin He

Abstract: Alumina nano-crystals were dispersed in epoxy resin via different approaches. The effects of filler dispersion on the mechanical properties...

Authors: Xiao Ping Zhang, C.S.H. Lim, Yiu Wing Mai, Yao Wu Shi

Abstract: Thermal fatigue performance and creep resistance of soldered connections are crucial to the integrity and reliability of microelectronics,...


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