Fracture of Materials: Moving Forwards

Volume 312

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Qiang Deng, Lin Ye

Abstract: An experimental investigation was conducted to characterize the mechanical properties of nano-silica modified epoxies at room temperature...

Authors: Jie Tong

Abstract: Conventionally, the bonding strength of bone-cement interface is obtained by mechanical strength testing which tends to produce large...

Authors: Li Ping He, Zhen Jun Wu, Zong Zhang Chen, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: A novel hydroxyapatite/Al2O3 (anodic) biocomposite coating has been successfully fabricated on titanium using a multi-step technique...

Authors: Meng Lu, Luke D. Connell

Abstract: This short note presents a discussion on the characteristic length that appears in dualporosity models for fractured geological media, via...

Authors: W. Hou, J. Shen, Guo Xing Lu, L.S. Ong

Abstract: Experiments were carried out to examine the behaviour of aluminium foams under quasistatic shear loading. Special fixtures were designed to...

Authors: B. Wang, Guo Xing Lu

Abstract: Footwear has direct impact on the stress level in the metatarsal bones of human feet. In particular, stress fractures at the neck of the...

Authors: Shuichi Wakayama

Abstract: A new experimental technique, Disc-on-Rod test, was developed for evaluating the thermal shock fracture characteristics of ceramic...

Authors: Xing Hong Zhang, Ping Hu, Song He Meng, Jie Cai Han, Bao Lin Wang

Abstract: Two ZrB2-based composites were fabricated by hot-pressing with vacuum. ZrB2+20vol%SiC and ZrB2+20vol%SiC+8vol%TiB2 were selected as the...

Authors: Qing Li, Ionut Ichim, Jeffery Loughran, Wei Li, Michael Swain, Jules Kieser

Abstract: Ceramics have rapidly emerged as one of the major dental biomaterials in prosthodontics due to exceptional aesthetics and outstanding...

Authors: X.B. Wang

Abstract: Gradient-dependent plasticity where a characteristic length is involved into yield function is adopted to calculate the thickness of shear...


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