Composite Materials IV

Volume 313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nyan Hwa Tai, Meng Kao Yeh, Jia Hau Liu, Chien Hsin Yang

Abstract: Composites of phenolic resin reinforced by the multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were fabricated and its mechanical properties were...

Authors: Di Zhang, Tong Xiang Fan, Jia Jun Gu, Bing He Sun, Tian Chi Wang, Guo Ding Zhang

Abstract: Morph-genetic synthesis, a preparation method using bio-structures as templates for fabricating micro-cellular materials, has attracted a...

Authors: Xiao Mei Shi, Jian Hua Yang, Yu Bai Pan, Jing Kun Guo

Abstract: Silicon carbide is widely used as an important structural material. It is known for its extreme hardness, high temperature antioxygenic...

Authors: Tong Xiang Fan, Guang Jun Yang, Jian Qi Chen, Di Zhang

Abstract: This work presents a thermodynamic model to theoretically predict the component activity in multicomponent liquid alloy based on the Wilson...

Authors: Pee Yew Lee, C. Lo, Jason S.C. Jang, J.C. Huang

Abstract: The preparation of Mg49Y15Cu36 metallic glass composite powders was accomplished by mechanical alloying of pure Mg, Y, Cu, and WC powder...

Authors: Qiu Bao Ouyang, Wen Long Wang, Di Zhang, Guo Ding Zhang

Abstract: Discontinuously reinforced aluminum (DRA) composites are attractive for a large range of engineering applications because of its excellent...

Authors: Wen Cheng J. Wei, B.Y. Yu, J.F. Li, C.S. Chen

Abstract: SiO2 core/TiO2 shell composite particles were synthesized by four different heterogeneous coagulation techniques. The configurations of the...

Authors: D.B. Luo, H.X. Liu, Shi Xi Ouyang

Abstract: Piezoelectricity of composite was simulated by employing Dilute Model and Limit Unit method. The analogizing results recommend that the...

Authors: Wei Hsing Tuan, S.M. Liu, C.J. Ho, T.J. Yang, Dong Ming Zhang, Lian Meng Zhang, Jing Kun Guo

Abstract: In the present study, the processing-properties relationships of the ZrO2/(Ni+Al2O3) composites are examined. Dense composites were prepared...

Authors: Yi Wang Bao, V.T. Bublik, Jow Lay Huang, R.H. Sung

Abstract: Mechanical properties of coatings are usually affected by the substrate behavior and the thickness of the coating. The film on a substrate...


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