Fabrication and Applications of Nano-Metal Particle Composites by Ultrasonic Eco-Process


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Nano-sized metal particles have recently attracted considerable interest owing to their application potential. Such particles can be synthesized using physical and chemical methods. In this study, nano-sized noble metals were synthesized through the reaction of metal oxides by ultrasonic. This means that the chemical reactions which take place under conventional conditions can be accelerated by ultrasonic cavitations. In general, the chemical effects of ultrasonic irradiation fall into three areas: homogeneous sonochemical efffects of liquids, heterogeneous sonochemical effects of liquid-liquid or liquid-solid systems, and sonocatalytic effects. It has been proposed that liquid-liquid systems are used for the fabrication of nano-metal particles in the past. In this study, the fabrication of nano-metal particles and supported composites was investigated for the liquid-solid system from a viewpoint of economy and ecology. By choosing suitable conditions, it is reasonable to expect that these simple ultrasonic processes can be extended to obtain nano-sized metal particles. Thus applications by using these reactions were investigated to prepare the nano-sized metal particle supported materials, and mechanisms were investigated.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 317-318)

Edited by:

T. Ohji, T. Sekino and K. Niihara




Y. Hayashi et al., "Fabrication and Applications of Nano-Metal Particle Composites by Ultrasonic Eco-Process", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 317-318, pp. 231-234, 2006

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August 2006




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