Application of High-Damping Alloy M2052


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Although the high damping alloy M2052, which has been developed 10 years go, possesses both of very high damping capacity and excellent workability, it has been used only in the field of an audio/video field. If this alloy will be produced by combining high-quality raw material and optimum manufacturing processes, the damping capacity of 0.72 in logarithmic decrement that is near to that of rubber can be yielded. In addition, since workability is very excellent, the sizes and shapes of parts required for anti-vibration measures can be easily supplied, thus being able to satisfy to create all sorts of items necessary for the design of the measures. In this paper, we show how to use this alloy and some examples of application: a multi-axis with non-rotating grinding machine, bearing and boring machines, a surface grinder, coiled springs, and an installation mount. Many of excellent effects of damping provided by the applications such as an insert, a carpet, and a variety of new ideas to decrease a spring constant of parts suggest possibility to solve the hard problem which was not solved by rubber.



Edited by:

N. Igata and S. Takeuchi






K. Kawahara "Application of High-Damping Alloy M2052", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 319, pp. 217-224, 2006

Online since:

September 2006





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