Oxygen Reduction Electrode Properties of Perovskite-Related Oxides Sr(Fe,Co,Ru)O3-δ at Low Temperatures


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The O2-gas electrode (OGE) properties of the perovskite-related oxides SrFe1-x-yCoyRuxO3 (SFCR) were examined with the solid-state cells of the type (SFCR | Ba0.975Ce0.8Gd0.2O3 | SFCR) below 300°C. The SrFe0.7Co0.2Ru0.1O3 electrode showed the best OGE properties of the other SrFe1-x-yCoyRuxO3 (x0.2) electrodes prepared here. An oxide-ion current of 200 μA/cm2 was allowed to flow through the cell with the SFCR electrode at 225°C. The SFCR electrodes including some other compositions can be used instead of conventional Pt electrodes in solid-state cells at temperatures below 300°C.



Edited by:

Keiichi Katayama, Kazumi Kato, Tadashi Takenaka, Masasuke Takata and Kazuo Shinozaki




T. Chuma et al., "Oxygen Reduction Electrode Properties of Perovskite-Related Oxides Sr(Fe,Co,Ru)O3-δ at Low Temperatures ", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 320, pp. 243-246, 2006

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September 2006




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