Electroceramics in Japan IX

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.320

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Authors: Jun Ichi Hamagami, Kazuhiro Hasegawa, Kiyoshi Kanamura

Abstract: A novel micropatterning process for a particle assembly has been performed by using an electrophoretic deposition (EPD) method with a local...

Authors: Kaori Nishizawa, Haruhiko Fukaya, Takeshi Miki, Kazuyuki Suzuki, Kazumi Kato

Abstract: A new photochromic ZrO2 precursor solution was prepared using zirconium tetra-n-butoxide, 4-(phenylazo)benzoic acid and ethyleneglycol...

Authors: Koichi Shigeno, Hidenori Katsumura, Hiroshi Kagata, Hiroshi Asano, Osamu Inoue

Abstract: We examined sintering additives for alumina. When using CuO-TiO2-Nb2O5 additive, dense sintered alumina was obtained by firing at 1000°C or...

Authors: Katsufumi Ehata, Shenglei Che, Norimasa Sakamoto

Abstract: Details of a new technique for the permittivity measurement of ceramic powders at microwave frequencies are described. Permittivity of a...

Authors: Hirofumi Kakemoto, Song Min Nam, Satoshi Wada, Takaaki Tsurumi

Abstract: The microwave reflection intensity was measured at room temperature for Cu-plate, Al2O3 and SrTiO3 single crystals using a un-contact probe...

Authors: Kenji Sakai, Kiyohiro Hiraki, Hiroki Kusunoki, Takatoshi Kondo, Shinzo Yoshikado

Abstract: It is found through simulation that composite electromagnetic wave absorbers made of Ni-Zn ferrite and SiO2 particles, which are isolated...

Authors: Shoichi Kume, Masaki Yasuoka, Koji Watari

Abstract: The effect of sintering additives on dielectric loss tangent and microstructure of AlN ceramics have been investigated. Different amounts...

Authors: Shenglei Che, Norimasa Sakamoto

Abstract: Micrometer-sized spherical single crystal particles of a perovskite oxide based on Ca0.40Sr0.60Ti0.95Zr0.05O3 were prepared from a...

Authors: Isao Kanada, Norimasa Sakamoto

Abstract: Effects of powder properties of the filler, including the particle size, the specific surface area and the lattice strain on the dielectric...

Authors: Shigeru Fujino, Makoto Kuwabara

Abstract: Dielectric constants were measured for phosphate and silica glass systems in the frequency region of 1 to 10 GHz using the resonance cavity...


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