(110) Silicon Hard Master Fabrication Using Wet Etching for Multi-Mode Planar Optical Splitter


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To fabricate a (110) silicon hard master, we used anisotropic wet etching. The etching chemical for the silicon wafer was a TMAH 25% solution. We fabricated a 1x4 multimode planar waveguide splitter using the silicon hard master. Organic-inorganic hybrid materials were used as core and cladding layers of the planar waveguide splitter. The 15 μm-thick under-cladding layer was coated on a silicon substrate and baked. After the core layer was coated on the under-cladding layer, the core pattern was formed by using a hot embossing process at 100 °C and 1-3 kg/cm2. The propagation loss of the planar waveguide was 0.4 dB/cm and the insertion loss of the 1x4 planar waveguide splitter was 11.2 dB at the total splitter length of 3.5 cm.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 321-323)

Edited by:

Seung-Seok Lee, Joon Hyun Lee, Ik Keun Park, Sung-Jin Song, Man Yong Choi




Y. M. Jung et al., "(110) Silicon Hard Master Fabrication Using Wet Etching for Multi-Mode Planar Optical Splitter", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 321-323, pp. 1704-1706, 2006

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October 2006




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