Damage and Crack Initiation Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steel during Cyclic Loading


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Two phase metals during cyclic loading can suffer from non-uniform load or strain sharing between the phases due to elastic/plastic anisotropy. This can strongly influence the fatigue damage and crack initiation behavior. In this study, the fatigue damage and crack initiation behavior of an austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel with anneal/quenched and aged conditions has been studied by both experimental investigations and simulation using multi-scale material modeling. It was found, both experimentally and via simulations, that the material damage and crack initiation start in the ferrite phase in the material with the anneal/quenched condition and in either the ferrite or austenite phase in the material with the aged condition, mainly in the weakest phase if the deformation hardening is considered.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 324-325)

Edited by:

M.H. Aliabadi, Qingfen Li, Li Li and F.-G. Buchholz




G. C. Chai and R. Lillbacka, "Damage and Crack Initiation Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steel during Cyclic Loading ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 324-325, pp. 1117-1122, 2006

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November 2006




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