Fatigue Damage and Life Prediction under Sequential Biaxial Loading


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Fatigue tests are conducted on 304 stainless steel and 45C steel under fully reversed strain control conditions with two different loading modes. 45C steel exhibits cyclic softening under each phase loading. While for 304 stainless steel, much additional hardening is observed in out-of-phase loading. The damage values for failure of 45C steel is similar to the previous research, however, 304 stainless steel is not. Fatigue life is predicted based on the linear damage rule, the double linear damage rule, and the plastic work model of Morrow. The damage value is different in the same loading mode for the two materials according to linear damage rule.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 324-325)

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M.H. Aliabadi, Qingfen Li, Li Li and F.-G. Buchholz




D. Jin et al., "Fatigue Damage and Life Prediction under Sequential Biaxial Loading", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 324-325, pp. 255-258, 2006

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November 2006




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