Developement of Mathematical Model for Detection of Cracks in Tooth Root Using an Adaptive Algorithm


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This paper presents a control and diagnostics model of single stage gear wheels using acoustic responses. The model is based on various methods and procedures that provide information about the generator’s condition and, specifically, its service life. Four procedures are combined in this model: the mathematical module of the gear wheel that translates the complete mechanical module into mathematical form, the adaptive FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter that calculates impulse responses from the non-linear system, the module for calculating any impulse response, and the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency analysis used for simulating frequency spectrums. The result of the simulation is the sound frequency spectrum that allows the analysis of gear wheel tooth damage and, based on this spectrum, calculation of the remaining service life and/or the maintenance process.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 324-325)

Edited by:

M.H. Aliabadi, Qingfen Li, Li Li and F.-G. Buchholz




M. Ploj Virtič et al., "Developement of Mathematical Model for Detection of Cracks in Tooth Root Using an Adaptive Algorithm ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 324-325, pp. 793-798, 2006

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November 2006




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