A New Grinding Method for Large-Scale Surface of Revolution and Error Analyzing of Its Wheel Dressing


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Large-scale surface such as mould should have low roughness as well as high accuracy of geometry profile. And it is an essential method to reach the accuracy request with grinding process. In this research, due to the variety of geometry profiles, an Arc Envelope Grinding Method (AEGM) is presented, the difficult problem of grinding large-scale revolution surface can be solved. Meanwhile, the grinding wheel dressing and its shape precision are the keys to the precision of revolution surface in the grinding with AEGM. In this paper, the influences of setting error of diamond point dresser, which dress the grinding wheel into an arc section by using numerical control function of NC grinding machine, upon the shape accuracy of plate-shaped grinding are analyzed. It is shown that shape error of the grinding wheel increases with the increases of dresser setting error in diameter direction, radius of tip arc on the grinding wheel, while it reduces with the increase of radius of the grinding wheel, and shape error distributes no uniformly but symmetrically along axial direction.



Edited by:

Dongming Guo, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa, Jun Wang and Jun’ichi Tamaki




Q. S. Yan et al., "A New Grinding Method for Large-Scale Surface of Revolution and Error Analyzing of Its Wheel Dressing", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 329, pp. 111-116, 2007

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January 2007




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