High Speed Lapping Ellipsoid by Means of a Lapping Tool Bending Method


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This paper discusses a new lapping ellipsoid method, which combines high-speed lapping technology with solid abrasives and lapping tool bending method. In this method, a bending moment is acted on lapping tool with solid abrasives, which makes it bend to form a shape on its working surface, which is the same as generant of workpiece shape. This kind tool is used in forming lapping on a high speed lapping machine. With the development of science and technology, the requirements for optics systems become higher and higher, e.g. good quality of imaging, little loss light energy, small size and light weight etc. It is difficult to reach above requirements by using traditional sphere lens/mirrors in optics systems. Aspheric optics elements can be used to solve these problems. In optics systems, by using aspheric optics elements, the number of optics elements can be reduced, the system structure can be simplified, the weight and size of the system can be reduced, light energy loss can be reduced too, imaging errors can be avoided and imaging quality can be improved. Ellipsoid is a kind of surface being used widely within all kinds of aspheric surfaces. The main purpose of this paper is to introduce a method of lapping this kind of surface at high speed.



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Dongming Guo, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa, Jun Wang and Jun’ichi Tamaki




J.D. Yang et al., "High Speed Lapping Ellipsoid by Means of a Lapping Tool Bending Method", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 329, pp. 309-314, 2007

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January 2007