Microstructural Analysis for Si Wafer after CMG Process


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The single crystal of Si is still one of the most important candidates among other materials including Single crystals of SiC, GaN, C(diamond) or compound semiconductors. The innovative process as called CMG(Chemo-Mechanical-Grinding) for Si wafer has been recently developed which is different from conventional CMP(Chemo-Mechanical-Polishing ) process. The CMG process can be done under dry conditions using CeO2 based solid bulk abrasives. The microstructures for surface and subsurface of Si single crystal after CMG process were analyzed using TEM/EDX, AFM, MFP-3D Microscope. The mechanism of CMG process was also investigated by X-ray diffraction and ICP chemical analysis using products by chemical reaction between Si and CeO2 abrasives. The results showed that Si single crystal after CMG had, 1) no defects even Si lattice revel or mechanical imperfections,2) better surface roughness as compared to CMP process. The CMG mechanism concluded that CeO2 reacted with Si producing Ce-Si-O amorphous phase.



Edited by:

Dongming Guo, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa, Jun Wang and Jun’ichi Tamaki






S. Kamiya et al., "Microstructural Analysis for Si Wafer after CMG Process", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 329, pp. 367-372, 2007

Online since:

January 2007




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