Advances in Abrasive Technology IX

Volume 329

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Michael N. Morgan, W.B. Rowe

Abstract: A thermal model has been implemented in industrial operations where reliability and robustness are important. To fully exploit the...

Authors: Eun Sang Lee, Jung Hyung Lee

Abstract: The surface roughness in centerless grinding is mainly affected by the many process parameters. For decreasing the surface roughness, the...

Authors: Xun Chen, James Griffin

Abstract: The material removal in grinding involves rubbing, ploughing and cutting. For grinding process monitoring, it is important to identify the...

Authors: R. Cai, Michael N. Morgan

Abstract: This paper describes the structure, content and relations employed in the development of an intelligent grinding database. The intelligent...

Authors: Seung Yub Baek, Jung Hyung Lee, Eun Sang Lee, H.D. Lee

Abstract: To enhance the precision and productivity of ultra precision aspheric surface micro lens, the development of ultra-precision grinding...

Authors: Shigeki Okuyama, Takayuki Kitajima, Akinori Yui

Abstract: A grain-arranged diamond wheel is developed and grinding performance of the wheel against industrial pure aluminum, one of the most...

Authors: Kazuhito Ohashi, Gui Fu He, Shinya Tsukamoto

Abstract: The elastic deformation of workpiece acted by grinding force is so large as to make the low machining efficiency and accuracy in the...

Authors: Kiyoshi Suzuki, Shoji Mishiro, Yoshiaki Shishido, Manabu Iwai, Wang Mei, Tetsutaro Uematsu
Authors: Osamu Horiuchi, Takayuki Shibata

Abstract: This paper describes influence of work stiffness on grinding accuracy investigated by computer simulations of grinding process for...

Authors: Ju Dong Liu, Gui Cheng Wang, B.L. Wang, K.M. Chen

Abstract: Grind-hardening was done on Steel AISI 1066 with a conventional surface grinder and a corundum grinding wheel, and research was conducted...


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