Advances in Abrasive Technology IX

Volume 329

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Toshiyuki Obikawa, Ali Basti, Jun Shinozuka

Abstract: The finite difference method was applied to simulate temperature distribution in the workpiece, cutting zone and tool in the orthogonal...

Authors: Q.L. Han, Yuan Li, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: In this paper, an experimental study was conducted to compare the sawing of granite with thin and normal blades. The power drawn by the...

Authors: Ze Sheng Lu, L. Yang

Abstract: Precision ultrasonic vibration cutting is a promising technology in field of precision and ultra-precision machining. It is a kind of the...

Authors: M. Wang, Di Zhu, Ning Song Qu, C.Y. Zhang

Abstract: With the development of high performance of gas turbine engine, there is a tendency to design the ribs in the cooling hole in order to...

Authors: X.L. Zhao, Yong Tang, Wen Jun Deng, F.Y. Zhang

Abstract: A coupled thermoelastic-plastic plane-strain finite element model is developed to study orthogonal cutting process with and without flank...

Authors: Seok Woo Lee, S.H. Nam, Hon Jong Choi, E.G. Kang, K.Y. Ryu

Abstract: Today, the trend in die and mold manufacturing is to pursue high-quality surface topology using high-speed finish milling operation. This...

Authors: Andrey A. Toropov, S.L. Ko

Abstract: The paper proposes a model of burr formation in feed direction during turning operation. Two cases have been considered in the model:...

Authors: James C. Sung, Shao Chung Hu, Yen Shuo Chang

Abstract: The thick braze alloy coating can hold diamond much firmer than thin element coatings (Ti, Cr, Si) of commercial saw diamond grits....

Authors: Kung Jeng Ma, Hsi Hsin Chien, Choung Lii Chao

Abstract: Alternated a-C/a-C:Cr coatings were made by DC magnetron sputtering from graphite and Cr target in an argon discharge. Mechanical and...

Authors: Qing Liang Zhao, Da Gang Xie, Ekkard Brinksmeier, Otmann Riemer, Kai Rickens

Abstract: A novel conditioning technique to precisely and effectively condition the nickel electroplated mono-layer coarse-grained diamond grinding...


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