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Authors: Bin Yao, W.M. Xi, C.R. Chen, L. Shi
Abstract:A novel precision grinding technique optimum is proposed for grinding workpiece’s convex surface. The grinding point moves in radial...
Authors: H. Cheng, H.Y. Tam, Y. Gao, Yong Bo Wu, Y. Wang
Abstract:This paper proposes a sub-aperture grinding tool for loose abrasive computer controlled surfacing, which is designed to perform epicyclic...
Authors: H.X. Zhang, Wu Yi Chen, Z.T. Chen
Abstract:The grinding process has been investigated in the machining of titanium alloy with conventional grinding wheel and SG grinding wheel...
Authors: Dong Ming Guo, C.B. Zhang, Ren Ke Kang, Y.W. Sun
Authors: Gui Jie Liu, Ning Mei, Ya Dong Gong, Wan Shan Wang
Abstract:A self-adaptive forecast & optimal control method for grinding wheel in-feed is presented, it can control grinding wheel plunge by using the...
Authors: Ning Ding, Long Shan Wang, Guang Fu Li
Abstract:A surface roughness intelligent prediction control system during grinding is built. The system is composed of fuzzy neural network...
Authors: Zhao Hui Deng, Bi Zhang, Zhong Wei Hu
Abstract:Nanostructured ceramic coatings has excellent properties, their industrial application depends not only on their fabrication but also on...
Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, J.C. Gui, Yi Zhi Liu, Hua Li Zhang
Abstract:Nano-cemented carbide is a novel material, which is superior to common cemented carbide on physical and mechanical properties, such as high...
Authors: Qiu Sheng Yan, Xu Guang Zhou, B.Q. He, Ling Ye Kong
Abstract:Large-scale surface such as mould should have low roughness as well as high accuracy of geometry profile. And it is an essential method to...
Authors: J.F. Chen, Jun Hong Cheng
Abstract:The design principle and method of infrared ray automatic detection system for grinding temperature are introduced. The Grinding Temperature...
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