Advances in Abrasive Technology IX

Volume 329

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Bo Zhou, Makoto Yamaguchi, Jun Shimizu, Hiroshi Eda

Abstract: In this paper, the surface and subsurface of silicon wafers ground by different wheels have been studied. In the conventional grinding with...

Authors: H. Okabe, T. Tsumura, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou, Hiroshi Eda

Abstract: This study aims to clarify the interaction between Si wafer and individual diamond abrasives in grinding at nanometer level and to estimate...

Authors: Han Huang, Rudy Irwan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

Abstract: Nanoindentation was used to study the deformation and removal mechanisms of cemented tungsten carbide. It was found that the microstructure...

Authors: Choung Lii Chao, Wen Chen Chou, Chung Woei Chao, Chao Chang Arthur Chen

Abstract: Rotary ultrasonic machining (RUM) is considered to be a very effective and relatively accurate way to drill deep holes in brittle...

Authors: Ji Wang Yan, Yu Feng Fan, Nobuhito Yoshihara, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa, Shoji Yokoyama

Abstract: This paper deals with the mechanism of surface heterogeneity due to crystallographic anisotropy effects in diamond turning of...

Authors: Bing Zhang, Masato Yoshioka

Abstract: A three dimensional finite element model for Vickers indentations on brittle materials is presented in order to analyze the stress...

Authors: Jing He Wang, Ming Jun Chen, Shen Dong, H.X. Wang, J.H. Zhang, Wen Jun Zong

Abstract: In this paper, mechanical characteristics of KDP crystal anisotropy are analysed theoretically. Vickers indentation experiments are adopted...

Authors: Dong Jiang Wu, Juan Zhuang, Xu Yue Wang, Ren Ke Kang, Fu Ling Zhao

Abstract: We have developed the laser nanoprocessing technique by the integration of the fs laser and near-field scanning microscopy (NSOM). The...

Authors: Ai Bing Yu, Yao Chen, Da Wei Jia, Xin Li Tian

Abstract: Mathematical evaluation model for ceramic grindability was presented based on principal components analysis (PCA) method. Sample matrix was...

Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Jing He Wang, X.M. Chen, Ying Chun Liang

Abstract: In order to study mechanical property with different crystal-plane and different crystal orientation of the crystal KDP, nano-indentation...


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