Advances in Abrasive Technology IX

Volume 329

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Wei Huo, Zhu Ji Jin, Fu Ling Zhao, Ren Ke Kang, Dong Ming Guo

Abstract: Grinding of single crystal silicon may be achieved by two modes of material removal: ductile mode and brittle mode. Knowing of the brittle...

Authors: Kiyoshi Suzuki, Tetsutaro Uematsu, Manabu Iwai, Shinichi Ninomiya, Sadao Sano, Takeo Nakagawa

Abstract: A new complex grinding method named Ultrasonic Electrodischarging Grinding Method (US-ED-G in short) is described. In the US-ED-G,...

Authors: Bo Zhao, Yan Wu, Feng Jiao, G.F. Gao, Xun Sheng Zhu

Abstract: The grain cutting trace of elliptical spiral in workpiece two-dimensional ultrasonic vibration grinding(WTDUVG) is defined, the reason of...

Authors: Yan Wu, A.G. Sun, Bo Zhao, Xun Sheng Zhu

Abstract: Based on the single abrasive particle motion locus of elliptical spiral in two-dimensional ultrasonic vibration grinding (WTDUVG), the...

Authors: Hiroshi Matsuura, Yasuhiro Kunieda, Nobuhito Yoshihara, Ji Wang Yan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

Abstract: A completely new diamond wheel, named the 3R wheel, has been developed. The 3R wheel has three unprecedented functions, reconfiguration,...

Authors: Nobuhito Yoshihara, Ji Wang Yan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

Abstract: Aspherical surfaces are an important technology in optical instruments. Until now, only improvements in form accuracy and surface roughness...

Authors: Kiyoshi Suzuki, Danyang Zhang, Yoichi Shiraishi, Manabu Iwai, Tetsutaro Uematsu, Shinichi Ninomiya, Sadao Sano

Abstract: This paper proposes a new PCD (polycrystalline diamond) wheel with porous skeleton structure realized by removing the cobalt binder from...

Authors: Manabu Iwai, Kiyotaka Nakagawa, Tetsutaro Uematsu, Keizo Takeuchi, Kiyoshi Suzuki

Abstract: Metal and resin bonded diamond wheels were trial manufactured from boron doped diamond grits possessing electrical conductivity and high...

Authors: T.R.A. Pearce, D.C. Fricker, A. Speight

Abstract: Electroplated CBN grinding wheels are not normally trued on a grinding machine and therefore inherently have a degree of run-out. The...

Authors: Wei Peng, C.Y. Yao, Xun Lv, F.Q. Liu, Tao Gao, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: This paper describes a method for experimental development of a novel fixed abrasive nano-grinding plate (FAG-plate) which is proposed for...


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