Advances in Abrasive Technology IX

Volume 329

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hang Gao, W.G. Liu, Y.G. Zheng

Abstract: It is experimentally found that existing micro-holes or micro-concaves on the cemented carbide base surface of electroplated CBN wheel is...

Authors: Jiu Hua Xu, Wen Feng Ding, F. Qian

Abstract: The joining strength and corresponding fracture mechanism of the brazing interface between diamond grains and tool matrix is one of the...

Authors: Ya Dong Gong, H. Li, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: The airflow field of super-high speed grinding was analyzed in the paper and the method of computing and analyzing the distribution of the...

Authors: Hua Fu, Bo Liao, Bao Chen Sun, Ai Ping Liu, Fang Juan Qi, Zhan Lai Ding

Abstract: A semi-metallic stainless steel/carbon fiber reinforced PEEK-based friction material was developed in this paper. The composite was PEEK...

Authors: Moon Chul Yoon, Do Hun Chin

Abstract: There are many modelling methods using theoretical and experimental data. Recently, fractal interpolation methods have been widely used to...

Authors: Chang He Li, Guang Qi Cai, Shi Chao Xiu, Feng Liu

Abstract: Surface microcosmic topography finished by abrasive jet with grinding wheel as restraint was analyzed and evaluated. Generating mechanism...

Authors: Yong Hong Zhang, L.H. Wang, De Jin Hu

Abstract: Image analysis was used to evaluate the curve grinding process. The measurement system organization and its principle of operation were...

Authors: Ying Chun Liang, Yuan Sheng Zhai, H.X. Wang, Qing Shun Bai, Y. Zhao

Abstract: In precision turning, the quality of surface finish is an important requirement for machined workpiece. Thus, the choice of optimal cutting...

Authors: Dao Hui Xiang, Ming Chen, Y.P. Ma, Fang Hong Sun

Abstract: Despite great advancements in diamond thin film growth and deposition techniques, determination of the residual stress and Young’s modulus...

Authors: Xiao Gang Jian, L.D. Shi, Ming Chen, Fang Hong Sun

Abstract: Adhesion properties of diamond thin films are essential to their performance in technical applications. To obtain the adhesive strength...


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