Calcium Phosphate Nano-Composite with Bone Morphogenetic Protein


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Thick coatings of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-calcium phosphate nano-composite were prepared by a biomimetic process, in which substrates were immersed in modified simulated body fluid containing rh-BMP2 at room temperature and pressure. In vitro analyses showed that the calcium phosphate and BMP formed stable and uniform coating of composite on surface of substrate, and that the composite derive significant improvement in tissue formation, suggesting an osteoinductive bioactive surface.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 330-332)

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Xingdong Zhang, Xudong Li, Hongsong Fan, Xuanyong Liu




M. Park et al., "Calcium Phosphate Nano-Composite with Bone Morphogenetic Protein", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 330-332, pp. 361-364, 2007

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February 2007




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