Biomimetic Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite Coatings for Titanium Implants. II. Biological "In Vitro" and "In Vivo" Characterization


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Biological mineralization proceeds within an organic matrix and is induced and controlled by extracellular, highly acidic matrix macromolecules. Our group has recently prepared organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings by a strategy that closely mimics these processes. The strategy involves depositing a matrix of polyelectrolyte multilayers (PE MLs), alternating with layers of amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) particles, then "in situ" growing nanosized apatite crystals within that matrix [1, 2]. Here we describe the results of biological "in vitro" and "in vivo" testing of these materials.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 330-332)

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Xingdong Zhang, Xudong Li, Hongsong Fan, Xuanyong Liu




M. Dutour Sikirić et al., "Biomimetic Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite Coatings for Titanium Implants. II. Biological "In Vitro" and "In Vivo" Characterization", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 330-332, pp. 401-404, 2007

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February 2007




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