Nucleation of Shear Bands on EB-PVD Thermal Barriers Coatings under Hertzian Indentations


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In this paper the formation of shear bands in columnar EB-PVD thermal barriers coatings is studied. In particular, critical parameters of nucleation of shear bands, such as contact pressure and initiation of cracks in the columns, are extracted from the experimental results. The pertinence of these parameters is discussed respecting to the stress field induced in the material during the indentation.



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Marc Anglada et al.




Y. Gaillard et al., "Nucleation of Shear Bands on EB-PVD Thermal Barriers Coatings under Hertzian Indentations", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 333, pp. 277-280, 2007

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March 2007




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