Ti – Al Intermetallic Layers Produced on Titanium Alloy by Duplex Method


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The paper presents the results concerning the microstructure of Ti – Al intermetallic layers produced on a TA6V titanium alloy by the “duplex method”. This method combines vacuum evaporation coating of aluminum with glow discharge assisted heat treatment of the deposited films. It has been found that this combination of surface engineering techniques yields multi – layered films of the diffusive character. The films contain intermetallic phases from Ti – Al system which ensure a high microhardnes and good wear resistance. It is finally suggested that these properties can significantly widen application range of titanium alloy parts in aerospace.



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Marc Anglada et al.




P. Wiecinski et al., "Ti – Al Intermetallic Layers Produced on Titanium Alloy by Duplex Method", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 333, pp. 285-288, 2007

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March 2007




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