Advanced Environmental Barrier Coatings (EBC’s)


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Dense, uniform and crack-free mullite (3Al2O3·2SiO2) coatings were deposited on Sibased substrates by chemical vapor deposition using the AlCl3–SiCl4–H2–CO2 system. The coatings were compositionally graded, with the Al/Si ratio increasing towards the outer surface of the coatings for improved corrosion resistance. Mullite grains nucleated when the surface composition of the growing coating was in a narrow range close to that of stoichiometric mullite. The growth rate and crystal structure of mullite were dependent upon temperature, pressure, reactant concentration, and reactant ratios. The phase transformations occurring in these coatings during high-temperature anneals in the range 1100–1400 °C were studied.



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Marc Anglada et al.




T. Kulkarni et al., "Advanced Environmental Barrier Coatings (EBC’s)", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 333, pp. 59-70, 2007

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March 2007




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