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Authors: Frederick F. Lange
Abstract:It has been demonstrated, through theory and experiments, that compressive layers arrest large surface and internal cracks to produce a...
Authors: S. Bueno, Carmen Baudín
Abstract:Ceramic laminates can be designed to combine high strength with flaw tolerance. In this paper, the designing approach based on the...
Authors: Goffredo de Portu, Lorenzo Micele
Abstract:In this paper a method to produce laminated ceramic composites containing residual stresses is described. The method consist in...
Authors: Antonio Javier Sanchez-Herencia
Abstract:Multilayered materials and coating are complex structures proposed among others to face the structural requirements of ceramics. The...
Authors: Omer Van der Biest, L. Vandeperre, Stijn Put, Guy Anné, Jef Vleugels
Abstract:Electrophoresis is the effect that when an electric field is applied to a suspension of a powder in a liquid, the powder particles move...
Authors: T. Kulkarni, S.N. Basu, V.K. Sarin
Abstract:Dense, uniform and crack-free mullite (3Al2O3·2SiO2) coatings were deposited on Sibased substrates by chemical vapor deposition using the...
Authors: J.F. Scott, F.D. Morrison, M. Miyake, T. Tatsuta, O Tsuji
Abstract:A review is given of "misted" CSD deposition. This technique uses stoichiometrically correct sol-gel solutions but is not a spin-on process....
Authors: Tanja Lube
Abstract:The progress of research efforts on the mechanical properties of ceramic laminates is reviewed. Laminates with weak interface are described...
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