Functional Gradient Ceramics, and Thermal Barriers

Volume 333

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marc Anglada

Abstract: The fracture toughness and strength of ceramics can be improved with respect to monolithic ceramics by developing graded materials as...

Authors: Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, Yves Gaillard, Marc Anglada

Abstract: This paper gives a short review of the instrumented indentation technique when applied to ceramic layered materials. The main causes of...

Authors: Jakob Kübler, Gurdial Blugan, M. Lugovy, V. Slyunyayev, N. Orlovskaya, Richard Dobedoe

Abstract: Recent developments have shown that producing multi-layer ceramic laminates with alternative layers under compressive and tensile stress...

Authors: Giuseppe Pezzotti

Abstract: The piezo-spectroscopic (PS) effect, which may be defined as the shift in wavelength of a spectroscopic transition in a solid in response...

Authors: Bilge Saruhan, Uwe Schulz, Marion Bartsch

Abstract: Partially Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (PYSZ) based Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) manufactured by EB-PVD process are a crucial part of a...

Authors: Marion Bartsch, Bernd Baufeld, S. Dalkilic, Iulian Mircea, K. Lambrinou, T. Leist, J. Yan, Anette M. Karlsson

Abstract: Strategies for time-economic lifetime assessment of thermal barrier coatings (TBC) in service are described and discussed on the basis of...

Authors: Anette M. Karlsson

Abstract: Thermal barrier coatings are commonly used in high temperature parts of gas turbines, to protect the underlying metal substrate from...

Authors: Ján Dusza

Abstract: The present contribution summarizes the recent results in the field of high temperature properties of layered ceramics and thermal barrier...

Authors: Rainer Gadow

Abstract: Light weight engineering and composite technologies are key strategies in modern product development in mechanical engineering as well as...

Authors: Peter J. Torvik

Abstract: A free layer damping treatment is formed by applying a coating of a high damping material to one or both sides of a structure. If the...


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