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Authors: Jin Hwe Kweon, Hee Jin Son, Ji Young Choi, So Young Shin, Jin Ho Choi, Gun Myung Lee
Abstract:A two-dimensional progressive failure analysis is conducted to predict the failure loads and modes of carbon-epoxy composite joints under...
Authors: Yi Hua Cui, Stephen Lee, Bahman Noruziaan, Moe M.S. Cheung, Jie Tao
Abstract:In this study, the absolutely recycled plastic wood (ARCPW) was fabricated with post-consumer high density polyethylene (HDPE) and wood flour...
Authors: R. Nabavi, M.H. Yas, Morteza Shakeri
Abstract:This work deals with fundamental frequency optimization in Multi-Layered laminated composite cylindrical shell which is subjected to...
Authors: Habib G. Rai, Elie V. Honein, Michel I. Najjar
Authors: S. Bickerton, P.A. Kelly
Abstract:The term Liquid Composite Moulding (LCM) encompasses a growing list of composite manufacturing processes. The focus of this paper is...
Authors: De Chun Lou, Jan K. Solberg, Odd Magne Akselsen, Nina Dahl
Abstract:In this paper, new steel matrix composites have been developed by powder metallurgy/HIP and abrasive wear and aluminum sticking resistance...
Authors: Shao Fan Tang, Fu Hua Huang, Jun Liang, Shan Yi Du
Abstract:In this paper, based on the equations of coupled thermo-elasticity, two-scale asymptotic expressions of the temperature and displacement of...
Authors: Jun Liang, Wei Yang, Bao Lai Wang, Shan Yi Du
Abstract:Carbon-carbon composites are widely applied in the area of astronautics and aeronautics. As a kind of advanced composites, its properties...
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