Structuration and Fabrication of Sensors Based on LTCC (Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic) Technology


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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate sensors and structures fabricated using the LTCC technology, which has been addressed and employed increasingly as a smart packaging approach for several applications. The focus will be on inclination and cantilever force sensors and micro-fluidic structures. Motivation for selection of LTCC for these applications in addition to fabrication and structuring of the devices will be explained in details. TGA (thermo-gravimetric analysis), dilatometer analysis, SEM (scanning electron microscopy), electronic equipment for measuring sensor performance will be extensively used for explanation of the results. It will also be shown that, compared to classical thick-film technology on alumina, LTCC allows a considerable increase in sensitivity, and is therefore better suited for the sensing of minute forces and pressures.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 336-338)

Edited by:

Wei Pan and Jianghong Gong




H. Birol et al., "Structuration and Fabrication of Sensors Based on LTCC (Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic) Technology", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 336-338, pp. 1849-1852, 2007

Online since:

April 2007




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