Luminescence Properties of M2MgSi2O7: Re (M = Ba, Sr, Ca) (Re = Eu2+, Ce3+, Tb3+)


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A series of phosphors of M2MgSi2O7: Eu2+ (M=Ba,Sr,Ca) have been synthesized and studied. The excitation spectra measurement showed that the phosphors had absorption in long UV light, the excitation spectra of the phosphors consisted of two broad bands: one in the range from 280nm to 330 nm and the other from 360nm to 420 nm. The main excitation band centered at around 395nm was belong to 4f→5d transitions of Eu2+. Analysis of the spectra of Ce3+ and Tb3+ co-doped phosphor showed that energy transfer from Ce3+ to Tb3+ in Ba2MgSi2O7 under UV excitation was efficient.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 336-338)

Edited by:

Wei Pan and Jianghong Gong




D. W. He et al., "Luminescence Properties of M2MgSi2O7: Re (M = Ba, Sr, Ca) (Re = Eu2+, Ce3+, Tb3+)", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 336-338, pp. 622-624, 2007

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April 2007




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