A Novel Architecture for Compiled-Type Software CNC System


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PC-based software computer numerical control (CNC) system is the ideal for open CNC system, but there are some problems about the current open CNC system, such as the limitation of interpolation cycle, demanding on high-speed and high precision machining and the limitation of operation system (OS). So advances a novel PC-based architecture for compiled-type software CNC system, in the architecture, the general Windows is adopted as CNC platform and adopts two huge memories acting as data buffer to solve real time problem. And then analyzes the structure and basic principle of compiling system. The hardware has been developed based on this architecture and applied in the CNC system.



Edited by:

Shen Dong and Yingxue Yao




Y. X. Yao and S. Z. Yu, "A Novel Architecture for Compiled-Type Software CNC System", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 339, pp. 442-446, 2007

Online since:

May 2007




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