Progress of Precision Engineering and Nano Technology

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Jing He Wang, Ying Chun Liang, D.Y. Yuan

Abstract: Influence of the cutter rake angle to the surface quality of crystal KDP is analyzed theoretically in this paper. Analysis result shows...

Authors: Ying Fei Ge, Yu Can Fu, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: This paper deals with the milling machinability of gamma titanium aluminide at speeds of 60-240m/min. The results showed that surface...

Authors: J. Guo, Hitoshi Ohmori, Shinya MORITA, Y. Watanabe, Yoshihiro Uehara, T. Suzuki, K. Ikeda, H.M. Shimizu

Abstract: Quartz has excellent optical properties and thus it is often used as the material of mirror and lens. However, it is almost impossible to...

Authors: H. Hocheng, Chung Chen Tsao

Abstract: Delamination is one of the most concern defects in drilling of composite material. Delamination depends on the factors such as feed rate,...

Authors: Shi Ming Ji, Li Zhang, Xian Zhang, Yue Hua Wan, Hai Ping He, Ju Long Yuan, Qiao Ling Yuan, Ming Sheng Jin

Abstract: In this paper, a novel spinning-inflated-ballonet polishing tool for curved surface of mould is proposed. The head of the tool is a...

Authors: Bao Xian Jia, Wan Sheng Zhao, Zhen Long Wang, Fu Qiang Hu

Abstract: Considering the key technologies to enhance the accuracy of micro-EDM, a micro-EDM system and some techniques are researched. In this...

Authors: Bai Dong Jin, Guo Hui Cao, Zhen Long Wang, Wan Sheng Zhao

Abstract: A new micro EDM method is described. First, the basic principles of micro EDD are analyzed and realized conditions are predicted. Then with...

Authors: G.H. Khim, Chun Hong Park, H.S. Lee, S.W. Kim

Abstract: This paper describes the vacuum-compatible air bearing designed with a cascaded exhaust scheme to minimize the leakage of air in a vacuum...


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