Progress of Precision Engineering and Nano Technology

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X.W. Sun, Fei Hu Zhang, Shen Dong, L.J. Zhang

Abstract: An ultra-precision machine is developed by Precision Engineering Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology to machine components...

Authors: Manabu Iwai, A. Sharma, Wei Li Pan, Sadao Sano, Tetsutaro Uematsu, Kiyoshi Suzuki

Abstract: It has been reported in our previous report that electrically conductive CVD diamond (hereafter, EC-CVD diamond) having specific resistance...

Authors: Yan Ling Tian, Da Wei Zhang, Bing Yan

Abstract: In order to improve the machining accuracy of the precision surface grinding machine, a 3-DOF micropositioning table is used as an...

Authors: J.H. Wang, D.J. Lu, Zhuang De Jiang, X.N. Chen

Abstract: In recent years, there is an effort to develop a portable, autonomous micro power generation system to obtain an order of magnitude...

Authors: Su Yu Wang, Xing Ai, Jun Zhao

Abstract: Predictive models are presented for the surface roughness in high-speed end milling of 0.45%C steel and P20 die-mould steel based on...

Authors: Y.H. Yang, Shi Jin Chen, K. Cheng

Abstract: A novel fast tool servo driven by piezoelectric actuator for precision diamond turning is designed in this paper. To overcome the inherent...

Authors: Y.J. Chen, Kuang Chao Fan, Y.S. Liu, F. Cheng

Abstract: An innovative high precision optical focus probe has been developed to measure the grating pitches. This probe uses characteristics of FES...

Authors: Ying Chun Liang, J.H. Dou, Qing Shun Bai

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) represent ideal Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) tip materials due to their remarkable mechanical properties. Dynamic...

Authors: Zhen Fan, B. Kan, J.N. Ding, Ping Yang

Abstract: Thin DLC film is in need for higher magnetic storage density. Surface modification and materials removal of DLC films were carried out in...

Authors: Li Hua Lu, Yong Feng Guo, H. Tachikawa, Ying Chun Liang, Akira Shimokohbe

Abstract: This paper deals with nanometer positioning in the presence of friction. The object studied is a ball-screw-driven and...


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