Progress of Precision Engineering and Nano Technology

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Jing Shi, Bin Shi Xu, Yi Xu, Q. Liu

Abstract: A special kind of surface modified copper nanoparticles was selected as the auto-reconditioning materials to in situ generate a copperized...

Authors: Yong Da Yan, Tao Sun, Shen Dong, Ying Chun Liang

Abstract: A three dimensional molecular dynamics model is employed to simulate AFM-based lithography process. To investigate effects of tip geometry,...

Authors: D.P. Zhao, D. Wu, K. Chen

Abstract: This paper introduces a fluidic technique based on patterned shapes of hydrophobic self-assembly monolayers (SAMs) and capillary forces to...

Authors: Y.G. Cui, Wei Jie Dong, C.Y. Gao, Q.Y. Zeng, Bao Yuan Sun

Abstract: This paper aims to make piezoelectric ceramic actuator self-sense its own displacement in the absence of independent sensor. It is derived...

Authors: L.Q. Du, C. Liu, H.J. Liu, J. Qin, N. Li, Rui Yang

Abstract: Micro hot embossing mold of microfluidic chip used in flow cytometry is designed and microfabricated. After some kinds of microfabrication...

Authors: K. Jia, H.H. Zhang, X.Q. Fan, X.P. Jiang, S. Liu

Abstract: In this paper, nonequilibrim molecular dynamics (NEMD) was used to simulate liquid flow in microchannels with ‘lotus effect’ coating....

Authors: Jun Hui Li, Lei Han, Ji An Duan, Jue Zhong

Abstract: An assembly bed on thermosonic flip chip bonding was set up, two different structures of tool tips were designed, and a series of...

Authors: Y.S. Lu, Yasuhiro Tani, K. Soutome, Yasushi Kamimura

Abstract: This paper deals with a novel polishing technology using polymer particles. It has been proposed and developed by the authors for the...

Authors: Wen Jin Wang, Tai Yong Wang, Sheng Bo Fan, W.Y. Wang, G.F. Wang, W. Zhang

Abstract: For the problem of process monitoring of chip generation in CNC machining, the dynamic modeling of predicting chip formation using...

Authors: Y.T. Yu, Wei Zheng Yuan, D.Y. Qiao

Abstract: Bifurcation of multi-layer microstructures subjected to thermal loading can be harmful for reliability and stability of MEMS structures. In...


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